Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aromatherapies at work

I have an adopted child whose younger brother does not live with me, he lives with my beloved cousin who is adopting him.  The boys get to see each other often, of course not as often as they would like, but more than they would if they were seperated completely.  Both of the boys, and their older brother, have ADD and ADHD.  I wanted to find something that would not just be a treatment for symptoms but a relaxation therapy as well. 

Aromatherapy Dough is the result.
Made with all natural, organic ingredients, natural coloring, and calming EO blends (essential oil blends), this has had an amazing impact on stressful situations.  Keeping my son on task is a difficult endevor to say the least, the Aromatherapy Dough allows him to stop for a few minutes, concentrate on something simple, and allow the EO's to take control.  I would say we employee this technique about five to ten minutes each time sometimes three or four times a day. 

Essential Oils are amazing!! In this format, they do not first have to enter the body and then be processed thru the liver to become effective.  Direct contact with the skin thru play (squishing and squeezing the dough) allows the EO's to work into the skin and into the blood stream within just a few minutes!!! The scent of the doughs trigger responses in the brain to help manage specific targets, and together with the squishing and the squeezing of the dough, this becomes a ritual, a more encompassing way of healing, by teaching the brain and the child (yes I know they go together, but in our house it sometimes feels as if they work as two seperate units!) to slow down, to focus, and to get back on task.

After several attempts at making hand made play dough from recipes I found on the internet, I finally developed one of my own.  Aromatherapy Dough is much smoother than regular or home made play dough, and it has a firmer squish to it, not like a putty, but just firmer.  It is not gritty, although I do use ground dead sea salts( they have amazing properties) so they do leave your hands feeling a little rough durring play, but watch out when you go wash because your hands will feel AMAZING!! The organic vegetable and nut oils used  in Aromatherapy Dough not only work as a carrier oil for the EO's and help hold Aromatherapy Dough together.  THEY ARE DELIGHTFUL FOR YOUR SKIN!!!

I have two types of dough available the four ounce (4 oz) tin, for daily therapy, and the itty bitty, I like to call Dough on the Go, which is a small amount of the Aromatherapy Dough in a little container that will fit in your pocket or purse, you can take it almost anywhere!! Perfect for work, sitting in traffic, or waiting around for your next appointment :) 

Both sizes come in just about every scent combo I can come up with that not only smells good, but that has healing properties to it. 

You can find my Aromatherapy Doughs on Etsy.com in my shop.  http://www.theapawthecary.etsy.com/

Okay off to make more Aromatherapy Dough!!!

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