Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Son the Entrepreneur

So last night my six year old son tells me that he wants his own Etsy shop. He thinks that he knows what everyone out there REALY needs  to make their hearts happy. So after several hours “business planning” Wyatt has come up with the idea that a cinnamon star will not only make people’s hearts happy, but their noses too!!

Of course, I proceeded with caution, and asked him what will people need Yule and Christmas ornaments for after the holidays? His reply. . . “Momma you have sweet smelly things hang’n ALL OVER THE PLACE!! And not just for the holidays“.

So again, I proceeded to ask a few more questions. . .“how much is this going to cost me”. . . “who’s going to clean up the mess” . . . his answer quite simply was that he was going to do it all J So we are going to let him have a go!! He is so EXCITED!!! He has already decided that "his" star will be good for New Year's decorating, so he wont have to make a new design until Valentine's Day rolls around!!! (he amazes me).

So he and I are going to the health food store to pick up some organic apples, because you need lots of apple sauce (and he is going to make that too!) and some organic or free trade Cinnamon, and we will see what his enormous heart comes up with. I will be sure to blog and post pictures as he accomplishes his task!!

Now to decide if he will get a section in my shop or if we will sit down and let him run his own shop on  hmmmm what to do?

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