Monday, December 6, 2010

Okay lets give this a shot!

Okay, everyone was asking, Mandy do you have a blog?  Well guess what?  Now I do!!! But I am fore-warning you that I am amazing at taking a conversation (yes even one with myself) to a whole new level.

I LOVE to talk, write, converse, whatever you wanna call it I love it . . . and on top of that I love to talk about my business, and the new things I have come up with to better the lives of my family,friends, and clients!! 

So here I am, and I didn't want to leave my blog empty just incase someone happened upon it.  So pull up a chair and grab yourself a cup of tea (hopefully one of my blends) and stay for a spell.  Look around search other blogs, but come back here, because you will find wonderful and magical things are afoot in the world of HERBS, well at least in my world of herbs :)

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